Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

A man from northeastern New Brunswick who killed two teenagers and left another for dead near Miramichi in the late 1980s has been granted full parole.

Kenneth Esson, 58, of Neguac was serving a life sentence for first and second-degree murder, attempted murder and sexual assault committed in 1986.

The Parole Board of Canada granted Esson full parole in a Jan. 5 decision provided to CBC News on Monday.

The decision says “the board finds that you have reached the stage of your life sentence when allowing you to transition to full parole will not place the public at an undue risk by virtue of you reoffending.”

Esson has been on day parole since 2018 other than a short time when it was

revoked in 2020. The board had denied him full parole that year…………read more……………

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