Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

About Us

The Sexual Abuse Network of Canada first started when the director went to report historical abuse that he suffered decades ago and the police would not give him the time of day as well as the church where the abuse began. His story was told in the newspaper and so many victims reached out some in support and some looking for help and we all realized that there was not much out there for male victims of sexual abuse .
In the past 13 years we have been able to help out hundreds of victims get motion in their case with our help and sometimes with the media assistance to move thing along . We have made solid connections with a couple hundred good reporters that want to show the problems with the system protecting the sex offenders and not the victims . Publication bans only protect the victims identity so publishing their names and charges is only protecting the community because so many of the offenders get released and reoffend so a little warning is warranted we believe .
We created the Daily News Groups ( 90 localized city news groups across Canada )
We have a searchable page on Facebook called National Sexual Offender Registry ( former Convicted Child Molester Database ) and we share post daily from mainstream media posts about recent convictions and go back to 2014 i believe . We will be adding the database here as well with the searchable map . The conversion will take a little while but will be a big improvement when trying to search historical abuse or for admins to be able to edit profiles when we get updated information on the location or conditions on a sex offender .
We will be separating the convicted sex offenders and the child porn convictions into two different categories on the website because of the new supreme court ruling . Both offenses are sickening and one usually leads to another so we will continue to profile both .
Lastly we can always use some help so if your interested and got some free time reach out to us at contact@sanc.ca

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