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John de Ruiter, 63, released on strict conditions including $30,000 cash deposit

John de Ruiter, the self-appointed leader of an Edmonton-based spiritual group, was granted bail Friday after being charged earlier this week with sexually assaulting four women.

Edmonton provincial court Judge Randal Brandt released the 63-year-old de Ruiter on strict conditions, including that he surrender his passport and provide a $30,000 cash deposit.

He is not to contact any of the complainants or their family members, either directly or indirectly through his followers.

He can’t be within 100 metres of the complainants’ places of worship, schools or workplaces. 

The judge also directed that de Ruiter not be alone with any female person except for his wife, daughters or immediate family members unless under the supervision of a responsible adult who is not his wife.

That bail condition does not apply to a 49-year-old woman described as a roommate to de Ruiter and his wife at their rural home.

De Ruiter must also report to a bail supervisor regularly, live at residence approved by the bail supervisor, and remain in Alberta unless relocation is approved by the bail supervisor.

‘Directed by a spirit’

Edmonton police arrested de Ruiter on Jan. 21. Police allege he assaulted four women in separate incidents between 2017 and 2020. None of the allegations has been proven in court.

Police believe there may be additional complainants. Investigators are urging anyone with information to come forward.

“It was reported that the accused informed certain female group members that he was directed by a spirit to engage in sexual activity with them, and that engaging in sexual activity with him will provide them an opportunity to achieve a state of higher being or spiritual enlightenment,” Edmonton police said in a statement Monday.


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