Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

In the interest of public safety, the Lethbridge Police Service is issuing the following warning in regard to a high-risk offender who is residing in Lethbridge.

Glenn Christopher John Rutledge, 42, was released from custody after serving a one-year sentence for breaching the conditions of a Peace Bond.

Rutledge has a history of sexually offending against female children and violating court-imposed release conditions. Police believe he poses a significant risk of harm to the community. He is likely to engage in behaviour that is opportunistic, seeking out relationships with women who have young or teenaged daughters and grooming children he has access to.

Rutledge has been assessed as a very high risk to re-offend and is being monitored by the LPS High Risk Offenders Unit.

He is bound by conditions prohibiting him from having any contact with persons under the age of 16 unless under the supervision of someone the court considers appropriate. He has additional conditions prohibiting him from attending any public park, swimming area where children under 16 are likely to be present, daycare centre, schoolground, playground or community centre and cannot seek or obtain employment or become a volunteer in a capacity that involves being in a position of trust or authority over persons under the age of 16.

He is further prohibited from using the internet to access any content that violates the law, or directly or indirectly accessing any social media sites, social networks or internet discussion forums or chat rooms and cannot have a personal profile on any social media platforms.

Rutledge is described as Caucasian male, approximately 6’1” tall, 159 lbs., with short black hair and brown eyes.

A photo of Rutledge is included for release.

The Lethbridge Police Service is issuing this information and warning after careful deliberation of all related issues, including privacy concerns, in the belief that it is clearly in the public interest to inform members of the community of the residency of Glenn Rutledge. Police believe there is a significant risk to public safety.

Residents are advised that the intent of this process is to enable members of the public to take suitable precautionary measures and not to engage in any form of vigilante action.

This information is released under the authority of Section 32 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, RSA 2000, C.F-25.

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