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Warning: The contents of this story may be disturbing to some readers

After he was caught accessing photographs of young boys while on parole, Edward “Eddy Spaghetti” Casavant is headed back to prison. 

Casavant, 60, was a lifeguard and swim teacher at the Summerland community pool for 35 years before he was charged and sentenced to five years in jail for accessing child pornography, voyeurism for the purpose of recording activity, sexual exploitation of a person with a disability and publishing child pornography.

Two years into his sentence, Casavant was granted day parole, which was upgraded to statutory release in 2023.

The Parole Board of Canada revoked his release after another employee at the business where Casavant was working found the images on a work computer. 

According to the board’s June 10 decision, the images were located in a folder titled “cowboys” that contained photos of boys swimming in a lake, with images dating back several months up to Feb. 9. 

“Given the circumstances of the suspension, the board questions if any of the progress you had previously made was genuine or simply a continuation of the skill you have at deception that allowed your offending to persist undetected for over 10 years,” reads the board’s decision. 

The police investigated and found that Casavant was the only employee at that business location when the images were accessed. 

The board’s report notes that the RCMP had determined the material did not meet the threshold for a charge of sexual material of a minor, with one video containing individuals of legal age who appeared to be teenagers. 

“You were noted to have accessed YouTube and a pornography site using search terms consistent with your interest in sex with children,” reads the board’s decision.  “Although your activities did not meet the legal definition of accessing child pornography, it appears to your CMT [Case Management Team] that was your intention.”

Further information was shared with Casavant’s CMT in April regarding possible material stored on other devices. Correctional Services Canada is working with the RCMP regarding that information. 

The board’s decision notes that Casavant, despite having a support team and counselling, showed that he hid his feelings and actions with his  repeated search for images of naked boys and accessing of pornography. 

As a result of the investigation into Casavant’s actions, the board noted that any future release would require strict monitoring and designated residency. 

When he was arrested in 2018, police found 275 videos of child sexual abuse material on Casavant’s devices depicting sexual offences being committed against children, ranging in age from infants to 10-year-old boys.

Police also found 30 videos, date stamped between 2008 and 2016, that Casavant made with a spy camera inside the change rooms of the swimming pool where he worked. The children in those videos were boys between six and 10 years old.

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