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Just two days after convicted sex offender Laruiston Maloney’s wife, Amber, was released on bail, a judge has released Maloney from custody under the surety of his father.

The 42-year-old Essa Township man was released to house arrest Friday afternoon following a four-hour bail hearing in a court in Barrie.

Maloney, who faces human trafficking charges alongside his wife, Amber, also faces charges of assault and forcible confinement.

Their arrests came a day after Lauriston Maloney spoke with CTV News on July 18.

He defended himself when the OPP released a rare public safety advisory warning of his presence in the community, saying Lauriston Maloney lived at the home and had regular access to the children’s camp that his wife owns.

“I’m not a predator. I’m not somebody who targets children. It is ridiculous what the police are doing,” said Maloney.

Maloney admitted to running an escort service trafficking a 14-year-old girl in Mississauga in 2004. He maintains the girl lied about her age.

As for his wife’s business, Lauriston Maloney said he has nothing to do with the Beating the Odds autism centre.

A publication ban has been imposed, protecting any evidence heard in court from being reported.

However, the OPP confirmed children of the Beating the Odds camp were not victims in this investigation.

The allegations against Amber and Lauriston Maloney have not been tested in court.

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