Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

After failing to appear for his sentencing hearing on a rash of sex-related crimes 10 days ago, a former London high school teacher who was on the lam for six days made a court appearance via video from the Sudbury jail.

Dustin Epp, 48, was supposed to appear for his sentencing on Jan. 17 after pleading guilty to several charges including, child pornography, voyeurism and sexual interference involving a former student.

When he didn’t show up, police issued a missing persons report and less than a week later he was arrested in a Sudbury hotel.

The former teacher at Oakridge Secondary School in London appeared from the jail via zoom wearing a white T-shirt.

Crown Attorney Meredith Gardiner told the court that Epp was supposed to be returned to London following his arrest up north and that a previous joint submission for sentencing is now being revoked since he failed to appear in court last week.

When asked if he had a lawyer, Epp responded, “I don’t have one.” He said he would proceed through the courts being self-represented and refusing any assistance from defence lawyer Ron Ellis who attended the proceedings.

The matter has now been put over until Feb. 3 to set a date for a sentencing hearing

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